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And anyone who needs a rest for printed material, laptop, or tablet.


40" / 1013mm 


who uses them?
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24" / 610mm 


Portable - Easy to fold, pack, and transport.

Lightweight - An adult can carry eight stands in our bag with ease - it’s unusual for one person to carry a full set all at once, even for a large band.

Strong - We use the best quality waterproof fluted twin-wall plastic available in the UK today. They will support the thickest pad of music, your laptop, Kindle, or iPad. Some bands even use them for their mixing desks. All you need to do is a clip-on your music light, and away you go!

Durable - Treat them well and your stands will hold your music for as long as you keep playing.

Stable - The combination of top quality material and expert engineering give unrivaled stability - with zero wobble factor you can be confident your stands will stay put in most conditions.

Quick Set-Up - you’ll be able to set up a whole band in minutes. BigBandStands simply slot & lock™ together and click in place, and it’s just as quick to break down and pack up at the end of a gig.


Curved sides - for better ‘knee room’ Built-in flip down music holder for standing soloists or younger players.

No visible wires - there’s a handy slot in the top, which takes a standard UK plug.

Easy to maintain - Just wipe down with a soft, damp cloth, or use warm soapy water if they get really grubby.

Sizes to suit all players - seated or standing, 3 convenient sizes.

Dimensions: visit our 'Sizes page' for full details of stand sizes and our Graphics page for artwork and display areas.

We’ll supply your stands plain or fully customised with your graphic.

We deliver direct to your door, Worldwide.

Graphics are to your specification - as experienced designers, we can use your supplied artwork or create a bespoke design to suit your band.

30" / 755mm 


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