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BigBandStands offer a great space to promote your band, and present a professional impression. Use the space wisely - our clients tell us that their graphics have raised awareness and increased booking enquiries, especially if they include a web address!

If you are able to provide professional artwork then that’s great, but if not, our experienced design team can hep you. They can create a simple text graphic of your band name / web address, or a more complex, multi-colour design.

All graphic prices are quoted individually depending on the complexity and production process of your design. We’ll need to see the design or your ideas, and then provide you with a detailed quotation.

Here are our graphic & design guidelines:

I Have my own design & can provide artwork:

Our artwork requirements are as follows:

Printed graphicS

BigBandStands design studio runs Apple iMac's and the Adobe Creative Cloud Design software.

We prefer Adobe Acrobat PDF/X-4:2008 CMYK files, set to the artwork sizes specified, and with crop marks and 3mm bleed.

Or you can supply native Adobe Photoshop files (.psd) or CMYK Bitmap files (.JPEG or .TIF).

Artwork must be full size (see size list below) and if a Bitmap image, must be CMYK and have a resolution 300 dpi for an acceptable finish quality for reproduction.

Stand sizes for graphic areas are:

24" 430mm x 610mm
(300 dpi CMYK bitmap image / or CMYK vector PDF/X-4:2008 / Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps)

30" 430mm x 755mm
(300 dpi CMYK bitmap image / or CMYK vector PDF/X-4:2008 / Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps)

40" 430mm x 1015mm
(300 dpi CMYK bitmap image / or CMYK vector PDF/X-4:2008 / Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps)

Cut Vinyl graphics:

We accept vector Adobe Illustrator or editable Adobe Acrobat files for vinyl cutting, and this MUST be supplied as a vector file for our cutters to operate.


We use the Adobe Creative Design Suite and it is always the very latest version, so save your files as the latest version you have for best results as sometimes saving as a "previous" version can change the artwork.

How to supply your artwork:

Please send your digital artwork file by e mail with your order or enquiry, or via an FTP file transfer website like if over 3mb in size.


Or link us to your Dropbox.

We’ll check your file, and provide a visual proof before we print or cut your design from vinyl.

(Artwork charges will be added if files are not in the correct format or compatibility).

Please note: Graphics downloaded as jpeg or gif files from the Internet, Publisher or designs made on Word processing software of any kind are NOT acceptable for professional production processes. If your design is in any of these formats, please ask for our help.

I have my own design but cannot provide suitable artwork:

If you have a design but can’t provide artwork either to the required specification, or exactly as you’d like it to appear on your stands, please e mail us what you have, with your comments.

We’ll be in touch to make sure we understand what you’d like, and then provide a quotation for creating the artwork for you.

I don’t have a design, and would like some help!

It’s easier than you might think. Our experienced and talented designers offer custom text, logos and graphics which can completely transform your band’s image.

Check out our gallery to source ideas you like, then call or drop us a line to tell us about your band. We are experts in helping our clients put together a suitable graphic brief, and we’ll fully explain any costs involved in producing your design from start to finish.

How much are stand graphics?

SImple single colour designs or text graphics can be produced from £15.00 per stand. Prices for graphics vary due to complexity, size, and production type. Each job is unique, therefore all graphic production costs are quoted individually.

Email us a sample of your requirement or idea, we will quote you with an exact price for your complete printed graphic, applied to your stands, so they are ready to use straight out of the box.

If in doubt, or you need our designers to come up with an amazing creation for your stands - email us and we’ll help you!

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