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We recommend a snugly fitting case, which helps keep your stands and graphics in good condition.

Each size comes in two capacities, (Slim and Standard), to fit either 5 or 8 units with bases and tops.

We will advise which type is best for your combination, and there is no price difference between the slim and standard models.

Lightweight Gig Bags & Cases

(With Optional branding).


Keep your stand bases & tops together, dust free, and protect the graphic areas from being scratched in storage and transit.

These high quality UK made bags & cases are constructed from a tough nylon canvas style fabric.


Large BBS Zipped Case

Accommodates either 5 x 40" (Slim Size) OR 8x40” (Standard Size) bases & tops.



Medium BBS Zipped Case

Accommodates either 5 x 30" (Slim Size) OR 8x30” (Standard Size) bases & tops.



Small BBS Zipped Case

Accommodates either 5 x 24" (Slim Size) OR 8x24” (Standard Size) bases & tops.



Our great quality music score extender rest will easily hold 4 to 6 pages across, and makes life much easier for conductors, pianists and guitarists, allowing both hands free! Will sit on any  music stand.

Folds down to A4 for easy storage and transportation.


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