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our clients

20th Century Foxes,

ABO (Andre Tolba)

Abu Dhabu Big Band

AJ Brown

Apex Jazz & Swing Band

All Star Big Band

All Time Big Band

Annette Kolb Gymnasium

Andrew Linham Band

Armando Cepeda

Aubrey Parsons

AVG Big Band

AL Music

Alan Gooden

Albi Hefele (LE BigBand)

Andy Booth Music

Andy Ellison Band

Andy Isherwood

Andy Pitt

Ashby Big Band

Audio Rent BB

Back Slide Big Band

Balmoral Big Band

Barma Kahalach IsraEvents

Barney Lowe

Bankers In Concert

Bart & Baker

Basically Buble

Be Bop Big Band

Big Band Baska Voda


Benjemin Steil

Bertie’s Big Band

Big Bad Bruce Band (Bruce Skinner)

Big Band 17:48

Big Band CUE

Big Band Gabanza

Big Band Time Out

Big Mondays (Student BIgBand)

BigBand 13

Big Band 5000 DK

Biggles Big Band

Big-Z-BAngs Israel


BJ Big Band

Black Hawk Big Band

Black & WHite Dixieland Jazz Band

Blue Baba Swing Band

Blue Moods Big Band

Blue Moon Band

Blues Brothers Tribute Show

Borg Big Band

Borg2700 Band

Bounce Big Band

Client list February 17th 2016

Bourne Leisure (Warner Hotels)

Boyz and the Beez Band

Brackley Jazz Orchestra

Brandyn Shaw

Brass Impact

Bren Jones Bnad

Brian Elham

Britannia Royal Navy College Band

Brussels Jazz Orchestra

Buckswood School

Bugle Boy Show (David Wilder - Wood Productions)

Bugle Boy Show 2013

C4 Choir Austrailia

Cafe Society

Callum Roxburgh Band

Capital City Jazz Orchestra

Caramba Spectacales Paris

Caravan Live GbR

Carlton Big Band

Cassellah Bailes

Caulderdale Big Band

Chicago Blues Brothers Show

Christian Balthasar

City Band Cologne

City Duo

City of Sheffield Big Band

City Swing

Clive Dunstall for Classical Associates

Client list February 17th 2016

Coco Latte

Concert Institution “Sun” Lithuania

Cooperativa Italiana Artisti Turino

Corton Hall Hotel

Coventry Consortium

Cranleigh School Big Band

Crimson Fair

Creaven Arms Little Big Band

Cutting Edge Big Band

Dance Band Divas

Daniel James Music

Danny Keizler Band

Dave Williams Band

Denis Ryan Jazz & Swing

Derwent Brass

Detroit Soul

DG Little Big Band

Diamond Skyline Orchestra

Die Big Baand e.V. i. Gr

Dauhrer Heinz

DirtyBoogie Band

Doris Day Tour (Claudia Shavak)

Doncaster Youth Jazz Assoc.

Downham Market Academy

Down For The Count

Doug Kurk

Dundee University Big Band

Durham University

Client list February 17th 2016

Dusty Road Country Duo

Eastbourne Theatre

Eberhard Budziat Project

Echo 42 Big Band

Ed Sterry

Eitan Frellich

Ember Big Band (EBB)

Emma Brunjes Productions

EUJO (Edniburgh University Jazz Orchestra)

Ellie GIll & Legal Records

Eltham College Big Band

Elvis Fever Show

Entertainers Management Ltd

Entrust Music & Performing Arts

Eros Swing

Edutainment Nordic (Flemming Olsen)



Farlingaye High School

FBO Band

Fenland Youth Swing Band

FInal Bar Orchestra e.V.

Fiona Paige Vocalist

Fitz Big Band (University of Cambridge)

Fink und Steinbach Orchestra

Fisher Stevens Elvis Show

Fleming Olsen Quartet

FTO Band

Franks Place Jazz Orchestra

Frankly Sinatra

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Gabriel Garrick Big Band

Galaxy Big Band

Gery Santos Band

Ginger Tunes

God Save the Swing

Golden Big Band Prague (Petr Sovic)

Gold Coasters

Gopher High School Wisconsin

Groover Big Band

Groove Connection

Gerry Mulligan Big Band


Gradska Glazba Makarska

Gunton Hall House Band

H Ville Music

HT Combo Mini Big Band

HABS Big Band (Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys School)

Halcyon Syncopators

Haydock Music

Halliford School Band

Hans-Jorh Moning

Hans Mydtskov

Haringey Youth Orchestra

Henri Salvador Show

Henry gauchi

Highland Swing Band

Client list February 17th 2016

Hot House Band

Hot Waffle Wheels

Hungarian Airforce Band

HvMk Boras Saxofonkvartett

Ian James Sax

IC Big Band

IMEP ( International Music Educators of Paris)

International School Basel

INDI Unconventional Crooners

In The Groove Live!

In the Pink

It’s The Little Big Band

IKS Big Band


Jan Zawada

James Alconey

James Emmett’s Rag Time Revellers

Jazz AM Der HFT

Jazz Art Sweden

Jazz Haus Hamburg

Jazz Twisters

Jazz Summit

Jean Michel Guillemaud

Jeff Barker & The Big Band Experience

Jeff Hooper Swing Easy Big Band

Jelgavas Big Band

Jergen Kauer

Jersey Bounce Swing Band

Client list February 17th 2016

Jez Murphey

JRB Big Band

John Allison Band

Joseph Whittaker School

Julian Tucker Band

Jump 'n Jive Swing Band

Junction 4 Big Band


Kai’s Kats

Kal’s Kats

KD Jazz & Dance Band

Keith West

Kitty’s Music

King Toeppel & His Crazy Nights (Toeppel Butera)

Kings College London Big Band

Kingston Youth Big Band

Kings School Big Band (Canterbury)

Kingswood School

Kristof Scmitt

LA Entertainment

LA’AL Big Band

Latvijis Radio Big Band

Le Petit Big Band

Lee Vivian

Leighton Park School

Leonard Axellson Big Band

Les Barrett

Les Holmes Band

Client list February 17th 2016

Liam Smith Ceilidh Band

Liberty Big Band

Little Big Band

Locked Horns

Loten Showband

Llandudno Swing Band

London City Big Band

London Gay Big Band

LS Big Band (Les Springhall)

Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra

Madassa Soul Band

Marijana Music

Markus Laing Band

Manuel Walkencbach

Mark Russell

Marvin Thomas Music

Medway Big Band

Mendip Swing

Metz Big Band

Michael Khul Big Band

Mije Hamnett

Mick William's Big Band

Midlothian Big Band

Meilenforster Musicarten Folk Band

Milestone Big Band

MK Big Band

MOBb Big Band

Monmouth School Jazz Orchestra

Client list February 17th 2016

Monte Carlo Big Band

Moonlight Big Band

Moonlight - Netherlands

Morriston Big Band



Mr. Trumpet, Germany

Music at Reading

Music Solutions, France

Musik Glaesel Essen

Musikschule de Stadt

Mudsdienu Muzikas Centtrs

MYO (Mondiano Young Orchestra Italy)Neil Diamond Beautiful Noise

Neil Shatliff

New Beat Productions : Sally Army

New York Big Band

Nottingham University Big Band

NYJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra)

Northern Jazz Orchestra

NSJO (Netherlands Student Jazz Orchestra)

On at FIfe

OYBB - Oxfordshire Youth Big Band

Oxelo Sound Big Band

Oz Big band (W Austrailia)

Pablo Mendelssohn

Palais Swing

Party Jazz

Paul Crockford Management

Paul Black Big Band

Client list February 17th 2016

Paul Holgate

Peter Werth & The Jazz Crew

Persi Swing Collective Big Band

Phil’s Big Band

Philipp Loire

Pori Swing

Portland Place School

Portrait of Swing

PMJ (Post Modern Jukebox)

PPlus Sarl

Potters Leisure Big Band

Power Band

Prescience Music

Promo Art Monaco Productions

Q The Music Bond Band

RADAR bvba

Radio Days

Railway Swing

Rat Pack Boys

Ravenshead Swing

Raymond Echeverria Orchestra

Rebellion Big Band

Red Alert Rock n' Roll Show

Red Star Orchestra

Rhys Taylor Band

Richie Jones Big Band

Ricky Arthur Buble Show

Ricky Hunter 40’s Show

Client list February 17th 2016

RK Big Band

Royal Marines Association Band

Ragtime Reveller's

Robert Gordons College

Robert Fowler

Roberto Richiardi

Robin Harris

Robin Mason

Rodluc Music

Ron Green Big Band

Royal Northern College of Music

RP Big Band

Rutland Big Band

Sanviken Big Band

Sanveach Choir


Scotia Caliegh Band

Sergio Swingtime

Sergent Pepper Band

Shambles Big Band

Shanghai City Big Band

Stiching BigBand Time Out!

Shiplake College

Shirt Tail Stompers

Sid Bolan Big Band

Signature Four

Silent Explosion

Sinah Warren Hotel

Client list February 17th 2016

Spa Strummers

Slide Assembly Quartet

SNJO (Scottish National Jazz Orchestra)

Sonny’s Inc. (Sonny Hogwerf)

Soul Tubes

South London Jazz Orchestra

Spirit Artists

Spice Fusion Big Band

Square the Circle

St Edmunds School

St Kertigens Academy

St Peters School

Staffordshire Young Musicians

Stardust Big Band

Start Spreading the News!

Steve Waterman Big Band

Stewart Walker Dance Band

Steamboat Jazz


Stuart Gartside

Super Swing Big Band

Super C Big Band

Swan Big Band

Swing 2 Jazz

Swing Shift

Swing Time Big Band

Switched on Swing Big Band

Tamas Ludayni Trio

Client list February 17th 2016

Ted Wheadon Big Band

That Big Band Sound

That’s Entertainment

The Art of Swing

The BigBand Theory

The Bellini’s

The Billie Holiday Storychic

The Bethnal Green Big Band

The Bond Band

The Brendan & Friends Band

The Dan Collette Big Band

The Daimler Classic Jazz Orchestra

The Dhahran Big Band

The Dukes & The Duchess

The Duncan Frazer Band

The Estrellas

The Frazer Churchill Band

The Good Guys Orchestra



The Haywood Sisters

The Honey Belles

The Graceland Band

The Green Room Liverpool

The Ian James Orchestra

The Jazzberries

The Jazzonline Orchestra

The Jersey Post

The Joe Ringer Band

The Johannesburg Big Band

Client list February 17th 2016

The Latvian Army Band

The Laurence Cottle Big Band

The Liberty Big Band

The Lips Band

The London Gay Big Band

The Marriots

The Mike Peter Big Band

The Mojo Kings Philidelohia

The Openers

The Old Style Big Band

The Paul Black Band

The Piano Boys

The Princes Trust

The Polka Dots

The Rat Pack Tribute Band

The Sands venue

The Simon Gardner Band

The Soul Train

The South Wales Music Agency

The Steve Price Orchestra

The Super-C Big Band

The Sweet Melody Dreamboat Band

The Sweet Simones

The Swingberries, Paris

The Street Music Co.

The Tea Dance band

The Wack Pack

The Warners Dance Orchestra

Client list February 17th 2016

Thornbury Swing Band

Tim Aimes Stellar Swing Ensemble B

Tim Langlois

Tin Pan Alley

Titley Jazz Festival

Tobias Becker Music

Tobias Deutschman Orchestra

Tony Carpio Big Band

Trinity Rockhouse


Twinwood Events

Tuxedo Swing

Uffe Big Band

Ultimate Buble Show

Unforgettable Big Band

Unique Cabaret Showband

University De Conception, Chile

University of Kent Big Band

University of Plymouth Big Band

University of Exeter Band

University of York Big Band

Uniwesitet Muzyczny Fryeryka Chopina ul. Poland

Uppingham School Jazz Orchestra

Valley Sound

Vairis Nartis

Vibe Music

VIctoria Cowes

VIenna Big Band Project

Client list February 17th 2016

Vince Dunn Orchestra

Vision of Elvis


Walton Priory School

Warwick School Big Band

Warwick University - The Big Band

Warner Dance Orchestra

Webbers Events

Why Not Entertainment

William Hicks Soul Sensations

William Oeseland

Wirral Schools Big Band

Woodbridge School

Worthy Davies

World Beats Music

Workshop 5000 DK

Wyedean School Band

XS Showband

Yasmine & Anton

ZazuZas Big Band


Designed by musicians, for musicians.

BigBandStands are lightweight and strong, easy to carry, quick to set up, durable, wobble free, and best of all - great looking.


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