Graphic Production & Proofing

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Whether you are ordering a single or many music stands, Big Band Stands offer custom lettering, logos and graphics on your band stand fronts. Prices for graphics can vary due to each job being unique (quantity, size, colors and complexity), therefore all graphics are quoted individually.

Email us a sample of your requirement or idea, we will quote you with an exact price for your complete printed graphic.

If you would like to submit your own digital artwork - we prefer to accept Adobe Illustrator files (.ai), with all text converted to outlines. We are currently operating Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Bitmap files (.jpg, .tif or Photoshop) may be submitted. They must be full size and at least 300 dpi for an acceptable finish quality for reproduction. Please add a 3mm bleed on the artwork.

NOTE: If your logo is to be cut out of vinyl like the example shown below then it MUST be a vector file. Typically Adobe Illustrator.

Art charges will be added if files are not in the correct format or compatibility.

Graphics downloaded as jpeg or gif files from the Internet are NOT acceptable.

If in doubt, or you need our designers to come up with an amazing design for your stands - email us and we’ll help you!

24” Stand

609mm x 430mm x 15mm

(when folded flat)

30” Stand

762mm x 430mm x 15mm

(when folded flat)

40” Stand

1016mm x 430mm x 15mm

(when folded flat)

Lettering or logos cut out of sign vinyl must be sent as vector files to allow our plotter to cut out perfectly.

Stand Front Graphic Dimensions

24” Stand : 609mm high x 430mm wide x 15mm (folded)

30” Stand : 762mm high x 430mm wide x 15mm (folded)

40” Stand : 1016mm high x 430mm wide x 15mm (folded)

If you are ordering more than one size of stand, and require graphics, we would suggest scaling your graphic to fit within the smaller stand depth, and within the 430mm common width - we also suggest printing all the stand graphics the same finished size for visual continuity.

You can view our workshop and die cutting press here